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The Negative of Tyres

We have seen several cars come in for a service with what appears to be tyres in good condition, until we get the car up on the hoist. What we find is tyres that are nearly bald or even worse worn down so far the canvas or steel belts are coming out.

How can this go unnoticed? The wear is on the inside of the tyre and unless you get down on the floor or have the vehicle raised on a hoist you cant see it. Usually the outside of the tyre appears to be in good roadworthy condition. This wear is due to excessive negative camber, low tyre inflation or sometimes a combination of both.

It is very important to firstly check your tyre pressures regularly. If you are unsure on how much air they need. All vehicles should be fitted with a tyre placard from the manufacturer. This tells you the correct size tyres for the vehicle and also the recommend tyre pressures. Also getting a wheel alignment once a year is the best way to identify if your suspension geometry is out and correct it.

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