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35 years and still going strong

Started back in 1980 in a small workshop in Morley. Autodelta has come a long way in 35 years thanks to the dedication and passion of its owner. Moving to its current site back in 1985 was a big step. Malaga was a new industrial suburb and considered a long way out of town. When Autodelta opened its doors there was only a handful of factories in the area and what is now Malaga Drive was all bush. But their reputation for repairing Italian cars had people coming from all over Perth. The next biggest achievement was being appointed the Western Australian Maserati dealer. This was held until 1998 when Ferrari and Maserati amalgamated back in Italy and all current Ferrari dealers become Maserati dealers. But still today Autodelta is the largest seller of Maserati's outside the dealer in Western Australia.

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